Stone Belt Freight Lines, Inc
Rock Solid Since 1951
About Us

Stone Belt Freight is a truckload carrier that provides dependable, quality service. We're just the right size company to furnish you with flexible and creative solutions to getting your goods loaded and delivered to their destination. From on-demand flatbed service to brokerage service, from dedicated transportation service to equipment leasing, we make personal decisions with our client's best interest in mind.

What we haul.

Located in the heart of Indiana limestone country, we haul everything from wallboard to limestone, brick and block to lumber, steel to machinery, pre-fabricated buildings to manufactured goods. Licensed in the lower 48 and 2 provinces in Canada we have you covered. In fact, with 70 trucks and 120 trailers, there's practically nothing we can't haul.

Drop trailers and equipment leasing.

We manage our trailers by our customers' needs-not by ratio. With our drop trailers at your location you can load at your schedule. And when you're ready for pick-up, we're there on schedule--your schedule--to make the delivery when your customers need it. From multi-stop to single delivery, we get your goods there safely, intact and on time. We can meet the challenge to transport most anything. From our drop deck or our roll-off or our piggyback forklift trailer that makes work site delivery easy to our 45, 48, 53-foot light flatbed combos-all with headboards-we can move freight efficiently at a low cost to you. All of our trailers come equipped with full lumber tarps, brick and block tie-downs, chains and binders and nylon tie-down straps.

One-on-one partnerships-big and small.

We're a family-owned business and we believe in forming partnerships with our customers. Sure we haul for the big guys like US Gypsum and others. And we value those relationships. But our real bread and butter is working with small to medium-sized business owners who are looking for transportation solutions but don't need the aggravation that often comes from working with larger shipping companies. We supply a unique personal service where you can talk to the decision maker one-on-one. You won't get lost in the communication maze that you might find in larger trucking organizations. If you need to talk to the big guy, he's there for you. Direct and straight to the point. It's just the way we like to work. Because we know the success of your business is vital to the success of ours. That's the reality of a partnership. And cultivating a stable partnership with all of our customers makes good business sense for everyone.

Private fleet replacement.

As your business grows, so will your need to move your product down the road. Perhaps you maintain a fleet of several trucks but you can't seem to keep up with the ever-changing DOT regulations. Let's face it, maintaining equipment and dealing with insurance, taxes, permits and staffing issues can chew into your valuable time. The simple solution: We can dedicate our fleet to your business to soothe your growing pains. Let us deal with the headaches of running "your" trucking company for you, so you can concentrate on the continued success of your business.

Delivery, price, and dependable equipment.

We get your goods to their destination on time and at an affordable price. And we do that successfully by keeping tabs on vehicle maintenance and upgrading our fleet on a regular basis. Our trailers are serviced at our Shoals location. All of our tractors are serviced at our Bloomington location by Sternberg International. We actually share the same building. They provide top-notch mechanics, ongoing training, tooling, and parts inventory for scheduled maintenance and repair work on all of our vehicles. Monroe County Tire service is provided at the same shop. Our goal is to reduce vehicle downtime. And this arrangement helps us attain that goal and at the same time allows us to concentrate on pick-ups and deliveries. And that's a benefit to our customers.



In these markets, we offer drop lots and local pick-up/delivery. Why? So that we can offer better customer service, more miles and less layover time for our drivers. Why sit when you can drive or be home?


Operating at maximum efficiency with built-in dependability - that's standard equipment.