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We're building a business and a family at Stone Belt Freight. And we're looking for experienced owner/operators who yearn for more home time and a flexible schedule that fits their lifestyle. It's time to turn your back on those irregular work shifts, time pressures, and long hours. If you've had it up to here with big time trucking company red tape and feel you're more than a number on a truck, then talk to us.

We know first hand the pressures of running a trucking company. Keeping up with regulatory changes, tax changes, fuel projections and the like. That's why Stone Belt Freight instituted the Business Liason Program. Looking to increase your profit margins? Reduce your bottom line? From cost/savings matrix review to establishing your weekly 'breakeven'- there is someone to help get you the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

Put your experience to work for a company that puts drivers first. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Compensation equals 68% to 70% of revenue
  • 100% of Fuel Surcharge
  • Cargo insurance paid by company
  • Fuel permits paid by company
  • Use company trailers
  • No headache racks required
  • Loads are generally tarped ahead
  • 95% of loads start or end in Indiana
  • Ongoing safety training
  • Directions On Demand
  • Flexible passenger program
  • Driver Designed Dispatch System
  • Trailers pre-loaded at major customers and lots
  • Drop lots-you haul, we deliver

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    And if you have questions, contact Kelsy Benckart or Stan Kindred in recruiting at 1-888-272-0961 or email

Operating at maximum efficiency with built-in dependability - that's standard equipment.