Stone Belt Freight Lines, Inc
Rock Solid Since 1951

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Corporate Office:
Ted Benckart, CEO, Ext. 221
Kelsy Benckart, Recruiting, Ext 219
Dan Jones, Sales, Ext. 220
Herk Braun, Operations, Ext 210

P.O. Box 1450
Bloomington, IN 47402
National: 1-800-844-6953
Local: 812-824-6741
Fax: 812-824-9939

National: 1-800-264-2340
Local: 812-824-6741
Fax: 812-824-5864

A/P: Ext. 212
A/R: Ext 221
Maintenance: Ext 218
Payroll: Ext 213
Rates: Ext 220
Sales: Ext 220

Operating at maximum efficiency with built-in dependability - that's standard equipment.